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Meet Liza VanCauwenberghe, Highland Brewing Company's Controller. 


We are a team of cultured individuals (we like to think so). And one of our staff has deep ties to a cultural beer mecca. Liza Van Cauwenberghe has dual citizenship in the US and Belgium. First an intern and now with Highland for six years, she oversees accounting and finance.

Her last name – Van Cauwenberghe – means “from a cold mountain.” We didn't name our winter seasonal after her - it's completely coincidental. It is also Liza’s favorite. Frequently, she will visit her sister and her family in Gent, Belgium. Liza said that Gent is a “beautiful city with medieval architecture, cobblestone streets, eerie old canals and alleyways, and last but not least – delicious food and amazing beer!” Her favorite Belgian beers are Duchesse De Bourgogne, Cantillon Gueuze and Delirium Tremens. In the US, Liza recommends Little Hump and St. Terese’s Pale Ale.

At a Highland training session focusing on off flavors, she learned the tastes associated with old beer, unsanitary draft lines, and more. Some of her friends call her a “beer snob.” She doesn’t agree but says, “The downside is that if a beer is old, I can now smell and taste the oxidation immediately and can’t drink it! Before (the training) I probably wouldn’t have known the difference and consumed it happily.”

Of her many memories at Highland, she most cherishes seeing the excitement of guests and their response to our beer, at the source.

“Op uw gezondheid” (to your health!) – a popular Belgian toast.


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