2014 Packaging Revolution

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Highland Brewing Introduces New Packaging

Largely undetected, Highland’s packaging has been morphing bit by bit for 19 years. But 2014 is primed for a big change. Coinciding with their 20th anniversary, Highland will unveil a bold new look for their five year-round beers. Every new bottle shares the Scots Irish origins of the company’s name. Each style has it’s own Celtic art symbol, also an historical homage.

“With the anniversary, it seems like a natural transition,” said Packaging Manager Greg Ferguson. “It wasn't the first direction (we took)…but once Tim brought in some ideas it was clear we were excited about it. It was difficult to depart from the kraft board that we liked for so many years but the new artwork proved too difficult to incorporate on kraft.” It took months, and he’s happy with the results. The new look has more information for the consumer. Along with the brand origins, six-packs and twelve-packs have short beer descriptions, an easy read on the shelf. “We want to offer a little more information about the beer and the company, right when the consumer is standing in front of the beer section. Craft beer drinkers are conscientious about their beer and the breweries they support,” said Vice President Leah Wong Ashburn.

12-packs will start to appear in stores in January, followed by 6-packs, labels and crowns from February to April. “We hope consumers will appreciate the new look and continue to expect a quality product from Highland,” said Greg. Greg and Leah worked with designer Tim Kilmer on the effort. Their next step is refreshing Highland’s seasonals, beginning in Fall 2014.

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  • Donald W Robertson on Jul 14th, 2016 3:31pm #reply

    A few years back I purchased some Highland glasses which I like.  About five months agoI thought I purchased some more but never received them. I Did Not see a store on your web site and wonder if you still have items for sale?  Thanks so much.  Don from VA.

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