Compass Logo Shirt


Our new logo on a new shirt for a new you!

Text Logo Long Sleeve Shirt


If you’re wearing this long-sleeved shirt, you better have a concealed weapons permit for hiding those guns.

Text Logo Shirt


Rep Asheville’s oldest brewery with your newest shirt!

NC Beer Short Sleeve Shirt


Highland home state pride! Be true to your brewery!



Your little one may be a bit too young to share a Highland beer but with this onesie they can still rep their favorite brewery!

Sizes available for newborns, 6 months, 10 months, and 12 months.

Bike Jersey


Ride in style with Asheville’s first brewery!


Women’s Compass Logo Short Sleeve Shirt


Beer couture is the new haut couture.

Women’s Text Logo Long Sleeve


Women’s Text Logo Tank Top


Stay cool this summer with your favorite brewery!


Compass Logo Trucker Hat


Keep the sun out of your eyes and your eyes on the beer!

Baseball Cap


Baseball and beer, America’s two favorite pastimes, finally come together in hat form!

Flat Bill Text Logo Hat


Whoa, is that a Highland Brewing hat? I like your style!

Text Logo Trucker Hat


The perfect fit, whether you’re a trucker or just a Highland fan.

Grey Beanie


Just what you’ll need when the chilled breeze flows down from Cold Mountain.

Est. 1994 Hat


Independently owned and operated since 1994! 

Beer Gear

Etched Shaker Pint Glass


Crack open a beer, give it a pour into your Highland pint glass, drink, repeat.

Hoppy Pint Glass


This glass accentuates the hop profile in your favorite Highland beer. How? Beer magic!

Flight Glass


Sometimes all you need is sip.

Paddle Bottle Opener


Ergonomically designed to help you open your favorite Highland beers!

Tap Handle


The crown to your home kegerator system!

Leather Pint Sleeve


Handcrafted in Asheville, this pint sleeve doesn’t just keep your beer cold but it also looks rad!

Leather Can Sleeve


Handcrafted in Asheville, this leather can sleeve is next level. No more flimsy foam koozies for you, your beer deserves better.

Compass Sticker


Your car? Put a sticker on it!

Your fridge? Put a sticker on it!

Your dog? Put a sticker on it!(?)