Bull City Food & Beer Experience

Location:DPAC - Durham Performing Arts Center
When: Sunday, February 24th, 2013, 4:00pm - 8:00pm
Event Hours:4:00pm - 8:00pm
RSVP: RSVP on Facebook!

WHAT: Bull City Food & Beer Experience - Three local partners - DPAC, Sam's Quik Shop, & Tyler's Restaurant & Taproom are collaborating to create a true Bull City Experience with a national twist! This event is a intimate INDOOR experience with only 900 total tickets available including limited number of Imperial / VIP Tickets!

Admission into the Bull City Food & Beer Experience includes:

• FODD & BEER sampling & pairing from 20 of Durham's finest restaurants & 20 North Carolina Breweries in addition to another 30+ craft & specialty import breweries!
• Souvenir Glass and Tasting Notebook!
• Keynote Speakers – Ken Grossman (Sierra Nevada), Kim Jordan (New Belgium) & Dale Katechis (Oskar Blues)!
• Live Music from Mipso (http://www.mipsomusic.com/site/)

Imperial / VIP Ticket Holders will enjoy all of the above plus Exclusive Event Poster, Exclusive T-shirt, 30 minute early event access, Private access to VIP tasting lounge, Specialty Spirit & Rare beer Tasting only available to Imperial ticket holders, Reserved seating first 4 row access & VIP Imperial Laminate. Plus Private Bathrooms!
Limited Imperial / VIP Tickets are available.

• ALL ticket holders must be 21+ years of age & must bring photo id.

WHEN: February 24, 2013

TIME: 4pm-8pm

WHERE: DPAC - Durham Performing Arts Center

WHO: Fans of Food & Beer

TICKETS: Tickets are on sale NOW!
• Online at DPACnc.com &/or bullcityexperience.com
• DPAC Ticket Center: 919.680.2787, 123 Vivian Street, Durham, NC
• Ticketmaster.com / Ticketmaster Charge by phone at 800.745.3000

BENEFITING: This event is a fundraising event to benefit the ELLERBE CREEK WATERSHED ASSOCIATION (http://www.ellerbecreek.org/).

For additional information including participating Restaurants & Breweries please visit – BULLCITYEXPERIENCE.COM

Date, time, prices, and all participants are subject to change.

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