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End of 2011 Catches Us with Our Kilt Up

01.11.2012 Leah Wong Ashburn 0 Comments

2011 was a great year even if we had stopped it in October.

More people enjoyed more Highland, in every style we make, in all of our seven states. We set records, retained quality, introduced new brands with great success and went into the last quarter of 2011 with high hopes, and that tinge of hyper-awareness that comes from knowing you're going to be stretched to the max for two months.
But what happened was beyond our wildest expectations!
Cold Mountain disappeared faster than ever.

Thunderstruck, our new winter seasonal, didn't offset the pressure for Cold Mountain. It...

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Happy New Year!!!

01.03.2012 Grant DaSantos 0 Comments
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We'd like to thank each and everyone of you for another awesome year at Highland Brewing Company! What did Highland accomplish in 2011? Well for starters, we created two brand new seasonals "Little Hump Spring Ale" and "Thunderstruck Coffee Porter." Both have gained great feedback and hype from all of you out there in the brew world. In 2011, Highland was also glad to host such great guests as Charlie Papazian, and Larry Bell. We feel having both these special guests in Asheville and at the brewery was great exposure and recognition for our happy little beer city. As 2012...

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