What's in a beer?

Our beers are just like us, a wee bit different. Few of our beers fall into categories, but we believe each beer is excellent. We believe each beer has a personality – and personalities like ours don't always fit into categories.

Each of our beers is described here. See the story and taste the difference.

Year-Round Brews

Gaelic Ale photo

Gaelic Ale

Our flagship is a perfectly balanced, flavorful amber ale with universal appeal.

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Oatmeal Porter photo

Oatmeal Porter

Don’t be afraid of the dark - this porter is silky smooth.

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St. Terese’s Pale Ale photo

St. Terese’s Pale Ale

Pale but not light, with a crisp, hop-forward, citrus note

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Kashmir English-style IPA photo

Kashmir English-style IPA

English-style IPA with an aggressive hop character balanced with a smooth finish.

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Black Mocha Stout photo

Black Mocha Stout

Highland’s most robust beer, with roasted chocolate and coffee flavors. Silver medals at Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Festival.

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Seasonal Brews

Razor Wit Belgian Wheat photo

Razor Wit Belgian Wheat

Summer Seasonal! A savory Belgian Wheat

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Clawhammer Oktoberfest photo

Clawhammer Oktoberfest

Light-colored Marzen style lager with a Highland twist.

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Cold Mountain Winter Ale photo

Cold Mountain Winter Ale

Soul warming, easy drinking and smooth, this spiced winter ale is our original seasonal, and our most sought after.

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Thunderstruck Coffee Porter photo

Thunderstruck Coffee Porter

Developed on the Pilot System and introduced in 2011, our winter seasonal is rich with the flavor of Dynamite Roasting Company’s organic, fair trade coffee.

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Little Hump Spring Ale photo

Little Hump Spring Ale

The spring seasonal refreshes with full floral nose and hop flavor in a truly sessionable beer.

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Devil’s Britches IPA photo

Devil’s Britches IPA

This devilishly delicious ale is Highland’s twist on a great American IPA.

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One-Off Brews

Belmont Abbey Dopplebock photo

Belmont Abbey Dopplebock

A complex nose and rich smooth body with notes of toffee and stone fruit.

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20th Anniversary Scotch Ale photo

20th Anniversary Scotch Ale

Medium-bodied with a brown-red hue from Caramel malt and roasted barley.

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Celtic Ale photo

Celtic Ale

The brew that eventually became Gaelic Ale, Celtic is a balanced, malty beer reminiscent of an Irish Red and an American Amber.

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Kelly’s Kolsch photo

Kelly’s Kolsch

Crisp and light in color, the recipe for Kelly’s is similar to a Pilsner, though this is actually a cold-fermented ale.

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20 Beer for 20 Years - Anniversary Beers photo

20 Beer for 20 Years - Anniversary Beers

List of Beers for 20th Anniversary

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Schenk’s Cream Ale photo

Schenk’s Cream Ale

We first brewed it in 2008, after home brewer Aaron Schenk won Best in Show with this recipe at the 1st annual Highland Cup Competition.

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Love is in the Ale photo

Love is in the Ale

Love is in the Ale is a powerful American-style IPA.

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20th Anniversary India Pale Ale photo

20th Anniversary India Pale Ale

Hop-forward, yet balanced by a strong malt foundation, this ale pours deep golden in color.

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