Proud to have been recognized, from our neighbors to Colorado to Washington, DC

A beautiful stained glass and metal sculpture gets a lot of attention in Oscar Wong's living room. It's something you'd see at a fine craftsman's studio and wish you could see in your house beside a window because you know it will catch the light. But this one wasn't for sale at a studio. And it wasn't just a gift. It's the 2010 award from the Asheville Chamber to our founder for hospitality and leadership. If you know Oscar, you know he is so involved in the community, it's a wonder he's also the owner of a brewery, a husband and a father. With the support of an incredible team of employees who also believe in doing what's right, Highland has grown slowly and steadily since 1994. From the beginning, the mantra has been "quality, integrity and respect." Operating with those words as guides helps us create sustainability. Not just the kind that refers to recycling, but the kind that says, "I want to be part of what we are doing at Highland" and gets us back to work every day - the sustainability of our people.

With collaboration from all of our team members, we will always look for ways to improve. We have to, as change is the only thing we can count on as we grow and face new challenges. It's been a great experience when, after so much focus on what we do from the inside, someone from the outside says, "Hey, we see what you're doing. And we like it."

From hospitality to green efforts, and from pioneer to up-and-comer, we have been recognized. We will do more of the right thing, engraved plaque or not. But we are honored to have been recognized by the following respected organizations.

Great American Beer Festival
Silver Medal - Black Mocha Stout

World Beer Cup
Silver Medal - Black Mocha Stout

From the Asheville Chamber of Commerce:
2007-2008 Small Business Owner of the Year - Oscar Wong
2008 Sky High Growth Award
2011 William A.V. Cecil Award for Leadership in Hospitality - Oscar Wong

Draft Magazine’s list of
12 Breweries to Watch in 2011” Nov/Dec 2010

Savannah Craft Brew Fest –
Craft Brewing Pioneer in the Southeast 2010 - Oscar Wong

Asheville Greenworks
Environmental Excellence Award Feb 3, 2010

Small Business Administration
SBA North Carolina Person of the Year, - Oscar Wong, February 2012